Sunday, April 15, 2007

That Shiny New Webcam

"So.... you got that new HP Pavilion with Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it? Nice! Oooh! A webcam!"
"I know. It's so awesome. Except that I don't know how to use it."

This actually happened in real life for me. An acquaintance (not mentioning names) got a new HP Pavilion laptop with Windows Vista Ultimate on it with a webcam on top. He asked me how to use it. Here's another point on why I think users should use a Mac over a PC: They're more original! Yes. Apple came out with the webcam on the computer thing first. And now, the PC companies are going at it, trying to copy Apple again.

Except that the PC world doesn't doesn't make things easy to use like Apple does. Each separate PC has its own trial software. Maybe one is a moive-type thing. If you're trying to explain to your friend "Oh! Use Geurrkin Cinema Pro." and they'll answer "I didn't buy that." and you'll answer "It' free." and they'll answer "Its $500." and the conversation will go on and on and on and on....

Now, how DOES Apple make it easy on its users? Well, a program called "Photo Booth" makes it easy to spot. Or maybe iMovie? The little "i" in the beginning gives it a more personal feeling. It's like it's YOUR movie. Not just ANY movie. It all just clicks (and yes, that's a pun, because MacBook( Pro)s don't have any latches. Unlike PC laptops they magnetically snapped. If you're PC can do that you're using a copycat machine.

Oh, and by the way, if you're a PC user using a copycat machine, use Windows Movie Maker to record from the webcam.

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Sergio said...


eu achei o seu blog con o blog da sarah. voce deisho (spelling?) um "comment" e eu vi que era voce! e eu nao me importo con os "accents" nas palavras. eu nunca aprendi nada en portugeis(spelling again...) entao nem sei como escrever certo. =P